Course overview

The purpose of this course is to help individuals lead their organizations through their digital transformation journeys. They will learn to identify critical areas for the adoption of enterprise-grade blockchain solutions through the implementation of smart contracts using industry-leading open source blockchain technologies.

Course benefits

As such, this course covers the following objectives:

  1. Understand how blockchain solutions are transforming the industry landscape.
  2. Develop a deeper understanding of blockchain technical topics such as consensus, cryptography, privacy, and security.
  3. Acquire hands-on expertise using popular blockchain open source technologies, including Hyperledger Fabric.
  4. Design and develop for permissioned blockchains.
  5. Explore a variety of blockchain case studies including food provenance, container tracking, payments, and identity.
  6. Experience industry best practices such as Design Thinking.
  7. Engage in role-playing through real-world scenarios and propose blockchain solutions.

Course outline


The course will be conducted over 15 lessons. Each lesson will be 3 hours long and will be conducted online via live tele-conferencing platforms such as zoom due to the current Covid 19 situation. Each lesson will generally consist of lectures, tutorials, as well as hands-on activities and quizzes. (Details to be found in Lesson Plan)


The course will consist of 1 90 mins final exam and 1 capstone group project of which the students have to use the technologies and framework taught throughout the course to develop their project. (Details in Assessment Plan) The objective of the assessment is to test students on their ability to apply knowledge taught in the course to real world applications. Students have to pass both the final exam and the capstone group project individually in order to successfully attain the Blockchain Practitioner Badge.

Upon the successful completion of the assessment requirements, students will be given an IBM Blockchain Practitioner Badge.


16 day(s)

Learning Schedule

There are 15 scheduled classes for this one run - each class will run from 6.30pm to 9.30pm. There will be an EXAM at the end of the 15 lessons. The dates are :

1) 23/03/2021

2) 25/03/2021

3) 30/03/2021

4) 01/04/2021

5) 06/04/2021

6) 08/04/2021

7) 13/04/2021

8) 15/04/2021

9) 22/04/2021

10) 27/04/2021

11) 29/04/2021

12) 04/05/2021

13) 06/05/2021

14) 11/05/2021

15) 18/05/2021 - EXAM

Who should attend?

The course is designed for executives that have interest in leveraging blockchain technology to develop innovative solutions for real-world industry applications.

Level 2 - Supervisor, Executive, & Emerging Managers

Level 3 - New Managers

Level 4 - Managers

Level 5 - Senior Managers & Directors

Programme leader

Eugene Aseev is the CTO and co-founder of Chainstack. He has strong roots in engineering, cybersecurity, and research, with more than 10years of experience in leading top R&D teams on a global scale. Eugene is passionate about driving innovation and building highly sophisticated products and technologies in multi stakeholder environments. Prior to Chainstack, he held the role of VP of Engineering at Acronis where his contributions have led to the development of Acronis Active Protection and Acronis Notary. He also spearheaded the security research team at GeoEdge and headed the anti-malware team in a leading cybersecurity company.

Eugene has worked with blockchain technologies for more than 3years in projects involving research on blockchain for data protection and building production-grade solutions on Ethereum. His experience has inspired him on a mission to radically simplify blockchain adoption in enterprises.

Eugene holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Bauman Moscow State Technical University and a CISSP certification. He has authored various publications in cybersecurity and has done multiple public speaking engagements, workshops, and training sessions. He currently resides in Singapore, where Chainstack is based.

Course fee

Programme Fee Amount (including 7% GST) Remarks
Member Total Fee $4,815.00 -
Non-Member Total Fee $4,815.00 -

This programme is eligible to all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents for: -

  • IBF Course Fee Subsidy (up to 90% deductible from course fees - applicable till 31 Dec 2021)
  • IBF Credit (5% deductible from course fees - applicable till 30 June 2021)
  • Training Allowance Grant of $15 per training & assessment hour (for Company-sponsored Staff) will be accorded to the organisation upon participants' successful completion of the programme. You will receive the grant directly from IBF. This TAG is only applicable for the period 1 Jan 2021 - 30 June 2021.

Programme Executive In Charge : Jowene Chan

Telephone Number :62485899

Email : jowenechan@sim.edu.sg

Non-members are welcome to sign up for SIM membership to enjoy the discounted rate.

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